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With this introduction . . . . .
please go visit my new RadioActive Blog : http://wb5rmg.wordpress.com

WB5RMG launches RadioActive Blog

WB5RMG launches RadioActive Blog

Please add this new site as a bookmark, or favorite - and come back now and then to see what else has been added. The old html site (http://wb5rmg.somenet.net) will continue on, mostly to host the last decade or so of content that’s already in here, but to also provide a home for the random bits of stuff that just won’t fit into a blog structure very well. It also currently has a bit of the SomeNet website history on the front page.
Enjoy !!

Atmospheric Angst

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20090410-1430cIt is that time of year again - the warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico would like to come back and take it’s place over the the southeastern states, but the cooler dry air in place over the northern states keeps trying to push it back. Seems this goes on every spring, and we get used to  seeing the angry skies during these battles. Yesterday we had an interesting combination of circumstances that provided a lot of excitement in the form of strong winds and plentiful hail. This piece of radar was grabbed mid-afternoon showing the line of angry sky across Tennessee and north Alabama. Through the day as this line moved further east, the tail extended further south and included central Alabama and Georgia. The day before it was sweeping across Arkansas.

Here are the preliminary event reports collected by the NWS :
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STS-119 Lands in Florida

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Welcome home Discovery & crew !!
Thanks to everyone for everything. Discovery flew a great mission and delivered the last of the solar arrays to the ISS and brought Sandy back after her extended stay in orbit…
Good job everyone, I’m glad everything worked so well.

discoverylanding-1 More details on the STS-119 mission on http://www.nass.gov/shuttle of course.

Thanks  /;^)

Remembering Dieter

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Sometimes, death and funerals can pose dilemmas.

For example, what do you say to someone you don’t know?

Alan Seig - WB5RMG, and I went to Scottsboro for the visitation with Dieter Schliemann’s - KX4Y widow and family.  Read the rest…

The Future of AMSAT is NOW …

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In response to on-going discussion on the AMSAT-BB, I displayed my passion for supporting the amateur radio satellite program. I’ll cross-post here:

3d_amsat-1x250 Topic Was :HEO naivete

Michael said:
> I usually tend to keep quiet during arguements such as this . . .

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WB5RMG website update 20090119

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The first update of the year for the WB5RMG website.

AO-13 remembered

Check out http://wb5rmg.somenet.net for a remembrance of my massive satellite antenna array, with details on phasing lines, physical spacing, etc…

Thanks  /;^)

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